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Historical Ratings

2016-08-22 World Youth Scrabble Championship 2016 Hong Kong Team Warm-up Tournament: Standing | Round-by-Round | Statistics | Rating Changes

# Name Ratings Games Last Played
1Carson IP22651362016-08-22
2Felix KWOK2255622016-08-06
3Jason TSANG Wai Yin21571232016-08-22
4Euclid HUI2109692016-08-22
5Non-current member
6HO Chun Hung20571102016-08-22
7Non-current member
8Paul CHRISTENSEN19621852016-08-21
9Wesley CHOY Wing Chi1961502016-08-22
10Edwin CHAN19131672016-08-21
11Boris CHUNG19101102016-08-22
12Douglas TSANG18861122016-08-22
13Brian PO1876902016-08-22
14Non-current member
15TAM Pok Hin1772932016-08-22
16Amelia TSE1723922016-07-09
17Non-current member
18Non-current member
19Non-current member
20Non-current member
21LAU Kwun Shing16581132016-08-21
22NGAN Fu Ting1585532016-07-09
23Non-current member
24Non-current member
25Non-current member
26Non-current member
27Non-current member
28Non-current member
29Non-current member
30Non-current member