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Carson Ip

2016-07-11 FCC Monday Evening Tournament: Standing | Round-by-Round | Statistics | Rating Changes

Rank: 4 of 6
Average: 352.8
Average against: 385.4
Pre-tournament Rating: 2245 (#1 in Hong Kong)
Post-tournament Rating: 2225 (#2 in Hong Kong)
Round Opponent Score Opp. Score Margin Wins Cum. Margin
11963Paul Christensen 345400-550-55
22055Jason Tsang Wai Yin 326354-280-83
3***Kelvin Lam443327116133
41887Michael Edesess 37735819252
5***Jesse Day273488-2152-163

links to the Head-to-Head page between this two players. links to the Statistics of the opponent.The number besides the Opponent's Name is the rating of that player before the tournament. *** denotes that the opponent is not a current member of HKSPA.

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