Scrabble Seventy Years Hong Kong Challenge - Extra

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Rating Changes

This tournament is also rated by the World English Language Scrabble® Players Association. Players who are interested in the Rating Changes in WESPA Ratings may visit for more details.
PlayerOld Rating +/- New Rating
Boris Chung 2075-212054
Brian Po 2131+32134
Douglas Tsang 1868+31871
Ernest So Yat Long 1438+301468
Franky Sit (1565)(1545)
Fung Tsz Hin 1536+91545
Ho Cheuk Yiu 1712+281740
Ho Fai Yeung (745)(807)
Jason Tsang Wai Yin 2221-292192
Lau Kwun Shing 1669-491620
Pang Shing Wai 1345-11344
Paul Christensen 1766-91757
Tam Pok Hin 1838-101828
Thomson Law Long Yin 1942+371979
Wong Ching Chung (1081)(1051)
Yip Tsz Hin 1573+291602
Rating changes are only available to current HKSPA individual members. Provisional Ratings (with less than 50 games) are indicated in brackets.
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