Hong Kong National Scrabble Championship 2016 - Main Round

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Rating Changes

This tournament is also rated by the World English Language Scrabble® Players Association. Players who are interested in the Rating Changes in WESPA Ratings may visit www.wespa.org for more details.
PlayerOld Rating +/- New Rating
Amelia Tse 1681+231704
Boris Chung 1888+541942
Brian Po (1828)1848
Carson Ip 2165+342199
Coby Lam Hoi Ying (1483)(1360)
Douglas Tsang 1905+31908
Euclid Hui (2055)(2065)
Felix Kwok (2314)(2257)
Fung Tsz Hin (1081)(1190)
Ho Cheuk Yiu (1041)(1203)
Ho Chun Hung (2135)2097
Jason Tsang Wai Yin 2029+532082
Julian Wong Tsz Yu (1699)(1675)
Lau Kwun Shing 1641+51646
Lau Wai Keung New(1031)
Ngan Fu Ting (1568)(1592)
Paul Christensen 1965-11964
Tam Pok Hin (1782)(1765)
Thomson Law Long Yin (1151)(1288)
Wesley Choy Wing Chi (2018)(1994)
Yip Tsz Hin (1443)(1506)
Rating changes are only available to current HKSPA individual members. Provisional Ratings (with less than 50 games) are indicated in brackets.
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