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East Asian Scrabble Championship 2018

2018-03-17 East Asian Scrabble Championship 2018: Standing | Round-by-Round | Statistics | Rating Changes | Annotated Games | Event Coverage

Annotated Games

Round Player 1 Score Player 2 Score Spread Action
1Carson Ip480Isao Takemura254226View Board
1Felix Kwok466Warodom Geamsakul330136View Board
2Kelvin Lam452Warodom Geamsakul37973View Board
3Euclid Hui513Kunihiko Kuroda316197View Board
3Warodom Geamsakul446Brian Po38066View Board
4Euclid Hui487Warodom Geamsakul43552View Board
5Euclid Hui568Isao Takemura326242View Board
6China Okamoto240Brian Po389149View Board
6Warodom Geamsakul358Euclid Hui523165View Board
8Katherine Song359Kelvin Lam465106View Board
9Kunihiko Kuroda347Carson Ip542195View Board
9Katherine Song284Brian Po422138View Board
10Brian Po392Warodom Geamsakul3975View Board
10Katherine Song262Euclid Hui35997View Board